McAfee for Mac- How to Install McAfee on Mac 2019

MacAfee is one of the greatest security protection providers with amazing features. This anti-virus software is available for all kind of platforms including, McAfee for Android, McAfee for Windows, as well as McAfee for Mac. If you are looking forward to installing the product, you can know how to from this post. Also, check out its features and possible issues you may encounter during McAfee activation.

McAfee has some advanced features that take well-care of your devices. It offers its users with the latest security protection. All its features work together to keep your personal data and your system secure. It protects you from all kind of malware or spyware threats. If you are looking for McAfee internet security for mac free download, then scroll through this post for the same.

McAfee for Mac Free

To get McAfee antivirus free download for your Mac, you need to check out this section. I have provided the step-by-step guides for your McAfee internet security download. Let’s check out the advanced features and security protection it provides to its users:

  • It detects malware on your system effectively
  • Automatic sets up the common tasks
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can manage your password with McAfee for Mac
  • It can control the firewalls in your system

Now that you know what benefits does McAfee give to your system, let’s move to the ways you can install McAfee download package on your system.

Install McAfee Internet Security on your Mac

Before beginning with the installation process, you need to do a thing or two. First, open the downloads folder in your Mac device and check whether there is an existing .dmg file .installed in your system. Second, if there are any .dmg files, then rename it. Or else it would lead to a corrupted McAfee login.

If you are done with that, let’s follow these steps to download McAfee on your Mac:

  1. first use the old version of mcafee using McAfee removal tool
  2. Go to
  3. Go to My Account,
  4. Choose the Sign In option.
  5. Enter McAfee account details
  6. Then Log in.
  7. You can find  McAfee Internet Security under my apps section. Select it.
  8. Now, click on the download button. You will find it under the Protect all your devices option.
  9. Click I’ve read and accepted the McAfee License Agreement.
  10. If you see a serial number anywhere in this process, you must note it down. You may need it during the McAfee activation process.
  11. Open the McAfee-MacInstaller-3.x.dmg file, and do a double-click on it. The file will open.
  12. Do a Double-click on the McAfee-Mac Installer icon to start the installation progression.
  13. Enter your Mac administrator credentials.
  14. Then enter the Serial Number.
  15. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to activate your McAfee software,
  16. Click Finish.

McAfee Download Login Error

During the installation and activation process of McAfee on your Mac, you may encounter some errors. The possible reasons behind those errors are as follows:

  • Incompatible Applications
  • Conflicting Enterprise Application

To resolve the errors you can go to Mcafee Activation failed 531 for the possible resolutions.

If you have found the post helpful, then good luck with your McAfee activate. But if not, then reach us via comment below.

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