McAfee for Mac- How to Install McAfee on Mac 2019

MacAfee is one of the greatest security protection providers with amazing features. This anti-virus software is available for all kind of platforms including, McAfee for Android, McAfee for Windows, as well as McAfee for Mac. If you are looking forward to installing the product, you can know how to from this post. Also, check out its features and possible issues you may encounter during McAfee activation.

McAfee has some advanced features that take well-care of your devices. It offers its users with the latest security protection. All its features work together to keep your personal data and your system secure. It protects you from all kind of malware or spyware threats. If you are looking for McAfee internet security for mac free download, then scroll through this post for the same.

McAfee for Mac Free

To get McAfee antivirus free download for your Mac, you need to check out this section. I have provided the step-by-step guides for your McAfee internet security download. Let’s check out the advanced features and security protection it provides to its users:

  • It detects malware on your system effectively
  • Automatic sets up the common tasks
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can manage your password with McAfee for Mac
  • It can control the firewalls in your system

Now that you know what benefits does McAfee give to your system, let’s move to the ways you can install McAfee download package on your system.

Install McAfee Internet Security on your Mac

Before beginning with the installation process, you need to do a thing or two. First, open the downloads folder in your Mac device and check whether there is an existing .dmg file .installed in your system. Second, if there are any .dmg files, then rename it. Or else it would lead to a corrupted McAfee login.

If you are done with that, let’s follow these steps to download McAfee on your Mac:

  1. first use the old version of mcafee using McAfee removal tool
  2. Go to
  3. Go to My Account,
  4. Choose the Sign In option.
  5. Enter McAfee account details
  6. Then Log in.
  7. You can find  McAfee Internet Security under my apps section. Select it.
  8. Now, click on the download button. You will find it under the Protect all your devices option.
  9. Click I’ve read and accepted the McAfee License Agreement.
  10. If you see a serial number anywhere in this process, you must note it down. You may need it during the McAfee activation process.
  11. Open the McAfee-MacInstaller-3.x.dmg file, and do a double-click on it. The file will open.
  12. Do a Double-click on the McAfee-Mac Installer icon to start the installation progression.
  13. Enter your Mac administrator credentials.
  14. Then enter the Serial Number.
  15. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to activate your McAfee software,
  16. Click Finish.

McAfee Download Login Error

During the installation and activation process of McAfee on your Mac, you may encounter some errors. The possible reasons behind those errors are as follows:

  • Incompatible Applications
  • Conflicting Enterprise Application

To resolve the errors you can go to Mcafee Activation failed 531 for the possible resolutions.

If you have found the post helpful, then good luck with your McAfee activate. But if not, then reach us via comment below.

Quicken Capital One Download Error | 100% Working Fix

Quicken Capital One Download Error is one of the most common and annoying errors of Quicken software. This error generally occurs at times when you don’t have a stable internet connection on your system. But there can be other reasons also for the occurrence of this error. For your technical comfort, I have given some quick and effective solutions of Capital One error in this post.

Quicken Capital Error Code

The Quicken software is the most preferable software for professional use. It helps you to stay updated with your bank account solutions. Capital One is one of the products manufactured by Intuit Inc. and it comes with some useful features that help the professionals as well as individuals. But Capital One Quicken error can be very difficult for the first time Quicken users to handle.

What Causes Quicken Capital One Download Error?

There can be many technical reasons for this particular glitch. If you can not download the Quicken software, the reasons can be as listed below:

  • This type of Quicken software problem generally occurs due to unstable of internet connectivity. If you are unable to log in to your Capital One accounts, then check whether your internet connection is fine or not.
  • Another reason for this technical glitch can be hacked or forgotten password. If you have forgotten your Quicken account password, that can be a major reason for this error. That’s is the reason why you are unable to log in to your Capital One account.
  • Compatibility problems with the Quicken software on your system can also cause this glitch. It often blocks your download and installation process of Capital One, the software of Quicken version on your system.
  • Same issue can occur due to the low storage unit on your system. When there is not enough space for your Capital One software to be installed, then this Quicken Capital One Download Error message can appear.

How to Fix Quicken 2018 Capital One Download Error

While fixing the issue manually, you may follow the quick tips I have provided below. You can perform them to see the positive result.

  • Always make sure if your internet connection is okay. If you don’t have a good internet connection, then no matter how much you try, you won’t ever get it right. Ensure your internet connection has a good speed to download the Capital One on your system.
  • If you have a password related problem, then click on the forgot password. Though various identity verifications, you can always change your password.
  • Upgrade your Quicken software support. Ensure if the software version of Quicken that you are using, is compatible with your system. You can also check on the Quicken official website about the requirements of system and hardware specifications that the Capital One needs to run smoothly on your system.
  • If you are unable to fix the issue on your own, then contact the best professional tech experts in your area who can help you with your issue.

So far what I have provided here are the best possible solutions for you Quicken Capital One Download Error. If you are still experiencing the error code, let me know via comment box below.

Lucky Patcher App Download for iOS

iOS users be it on iPhone, iPad or iPod will certainly understand the issues that there is with respect the excessive amount they generally have to pay for their favorite applications. In addition to it, the irritating advertisements and the added paid features really burn a hole in the pocket when it comes to using really useful applications. In general, individuals go ahead with making the payments for the applications and all just because of the fact that they are not aware that Lucky Patcher Apk can solve all of these problems in just a few minutes. Now, if you are an iOS user, the question that you are thinking right now is how? Well, read below to understand how Lucky Patcher can really make your life easy.

Lucky Patcher is a simple application that can be effectively used to patch up various applications according to the needs of the users. Thus, in case you have an application whose trial period is going to be over in a couple of days and you seriously want to use the application and at the same time you are not willing to pay the hefty amount, then it is certainly the time for you to download Lucky Patcher. Below I have mentioned quite a few steps that will help you to download and install Lucky Patcher on your iOS device.

How to download Lucky Patcher for iOS?

Before we actually get down to how to install Lucky Patcher for iOS, there are a few things that you need to know. Lucky Patcher is not exactly an application that Apple Inc. wants its users to use and neither the developers. The operating system has its inbuilt mechanisms that technically work towards to prevent, such third party applications from being installed on the devices. Thus, in case you face any difficulty or the download gets stopped abruptly, you do not need to panic. Just reboot your device and initiate the installation process from the beginning.

Step 1:

As I have already mentioned, iOS does not want the users to use third party patching applications. So you will have to download and install an application that allows you to install third-party applications. Install it and then search on its app store for Lucky patcher.

Step 2:

Once you have searched for Lucky Patcher, all you got to do is download and install the application just like any other applications.

Step 3:

Wait patiently for the installation to get completed and once done, the application will throw you a list of installed applications on your device.

Step 4:

Here you are ready to do all sorts of patching that you want to do.

Lucky Patcher has a very simple interface and thus is often favored amidst most of the users. The application finds it difficult to run on normal devices but still does a pretty good job. In case you have a jailbroken device, just go ahead and download Lucky patcher for iOS and venture into the world of unlimited applications for free.

Showbox App-Smartphone App Review

In this current technological-oriented world, smartphones are the next vital aspect of computing. This is one of the reasons why there are many mobile applications designed to meet the needs of the growing population of smartphone users. The ShowBox APK is one of the carefully designed mobile applications to meet the entertainment needs of modern smartphone users. ShowBox allows users to stream live movies, series, TV shows, and programs on their devices

This app is compatible with all Android devices while versions for PC are also available. Like many other movie-streaming apps, this application is not allowed on Google Play Store so you will need to download the APK file and install it manually.


Showbox is rated among the top mobile applications with Netflix, Prime videos, Kodi tv. Aside from this, it is a free mobile application containing numerous useful features. This application allows to stream movies from the web. Additionally, this application supports the HD format while the clarity of image and quality of graphics depends on the mobile device’s resolution.

Downloading & Installing:

Downloading and installing this application is very easy. All you need is to download the APK file of the application.  This APK file isn’t available on Google Play Store. The application and website are free of malware and all sorts of viruses.

After that, install the application on your phone manually. If the application is not installing, you need to go to your settings > security and agree to install applications from unknown sources. This will allow you to install applications that are not downloaded from Google Play Store.

Since the ShowBox is a movie streaming application, it is of great benefit to smartphone users. It allows smartphone users to save their hard-earned money on watching movies across cinemas. All that is required is the ShowBox App and you are ready to stream movies. Also, the additional advantage this application offer is the opportunity to download movies which users can have their favorite movie selections downloaded and watched later.

This movie application defeats all its rivals through the high-quality content it produces. Also, there is no restriction to a single source of movie content. It contains a user-friendly interface and users can be able to easily navigate through. This usability is one of the reasons why many Android users love this application. It also consists of a large movies database which is another point to consider for smartphone users. This application makes it possible for you to watch movies you may not be able to find in your local movies stores, cinemas or retail outlets

Features of ShowBox App


ShowBox allows you to stream different types of movies. All you need is to navigate to the movie section and search for the titles and types of movies you want to stream.


This folder houses all the movies and TV films you have downloaded. With this, you can download movies and watch them later.

Television events

This is the area that interests fans of TV shows and episodes. In case you missed any of your favorite TV show, you can be able to stream it on ShowBox the following day,


Another feature of this application is the ability to keep you abreast of new movie and episode releases. You can be sure to enjoy you loved TV shows without having to check their date of release.


This function allows you to arrange your loved movies collection and list your TV shows in such a way that they are simple and easily accessed.


This function allows you to sort your favorite movie according to title, actors, or keywords.