Best QuickBooks Cloud Services 2021: A User Manual for ALL

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QuickBooks Cloud is becoming famous for accounting and data management work but it turns out to be a false fact once we talk about QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer the advanced features provided by the QBs Desktop version. The Desktop version includes CPAs, bookkeepers, professional accountants, and small and medium firms’ requirements. 

Now the fully secure, highly advanced services for hosting QuickBooks in the cloud come into the picture. It is for the needs of the entire accounting app cloud hosting. It makes things quite easier for busy business professionals. In case you are stuck with the question of what hosting QuickBooks on the cloud means. We are here to assist and take you to the best choice possible.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: Brief Introduction

quickbooks cloud hosting

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is a setup where the accounting software, handy tools, and associated data programs are offered centrally as a platform and given to end-users over a prescribed network. Such centralized accounting operations, with the automated data processing, allows storage, manage and access of the essential accounting files. 

Moreover, it adds to the efficiency and the business performance while bringing down other operational costs.

But with a lot of competitors present in the market, QBs is found to be the best option, especially for small businesses. Moving on, we will now focus on the best QuickBooks Cloud services available around. 

APPS4RENT For Quickbooks Cloud HostingApps4rent

Apps4Rent is an Intuit Authorized Host Service Provider that works with QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, and Accountant versions.

  • Hosts the  Enterprise, Pro, Premier, and Accountant versions.
  • Operates with all the local devices.
  • Similar working as on a Desktop.
  • Multi-user access & Multi-device accessibility. 
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee and is quite safe and reliable. 
  • Advanced-Data backup.
  • Monthly Subscription available and quite reasonable prices.
  • Easy addition of third-party apps like MS Excel.
  • Customer assistance and support 24×7.
  • Intuit authorized host for QuickBooks.
  • The user base of over 10,000 customers.
  • Incorporated with the Windows Defender and Firewall.
  • Modify users as per your requirements.

CONCERO.CLOUD concero Hosting

Concero.Cloud is a leading cloud services provider that includes: cloud desktops, QuickBooks hosting, hosted Sage, cloud file services and backups, Easy recovery, and hybrid & cloud solutions.

  • Expert Customer Assistance 24×7 Support.
  • A high-security level is available.
  • Improved Productivity.
  • Good User Experience.
  • Better Performance.
  • Increased Flexibility.
  • QuickBooks Setup and Easy Data Migration.


QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting assists in boosting collaboration & eliminates the need for IT maintenance.

  • Easy Collaboration in the cloud.
  • No contracts for the long term.
  • Bank-level advanced security.
  • Easy and fast business operations.
  • Similar working as on a Desktop.
  • Multi-user access & Multi-device accessibility.
  • No Startup costs.


Gotomyerp is a professional QuickBooks hosting service for different Qbs versions namely Enterprise, Premier, and Pro version. With GOTOMYERP, we have these essential services. 

  • Modify and Alter Payment Receipts.
  • Form the Rule-Based Customer Groups.
  • Variety of Subscription Models.
  • Availability of Retail. Improvement in Bank Feeds.
  • Auto-processing of Statement.


Ace Cloud Hosting, an Intuit Authorized Hosting Commercial Provider for QBs on the cloud. This helps you to host existing licensed copies of the software QuickBooks for its end-users. It even provides affordable monthly leases on new Qbs licenses.

  • It is an Intuit-authorized provider. 
  • Experience of over 20 years.
  • BBB Accredited Business.
  • HPC or High-Performance Computing Servers.


Summit Hosting permits you to work from home with Sage cloud-based hosting & QuickBooks. 

  • Improved Performance.
  • Support and Assistance 24×7.
  • Simple & Easy Upgrades.
  • Platform Preference Given.
  • Fewer Expenses and lowest hosting prices.
  • Location flexibility.


Cloud walks is an emerging QuickBooks hosting provider and provides safe hosting. It is quite reliable and has a super quick QuickBooks cloud server.

  • Remote and Easy Access.
  • High-level Security.
  • Connectivity is mostly accessible. 
  • High Speed and Quick Servers.
  • Multi-user access & Multi-device accessibility.
  • Trained and Experienced Professionals.


 Cloudnine Realtime is an award-winning QuickBooks cloud hosting service provider. It comes with secure and quick access to QuickBooks.

  • Full & Easy Functionality.
  • Multi-user access & Multi-device accessibility.
  • Easy Collaboration and Access to QuickBooks.

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Right Networks helps you to put the software QuickBooks into the cloud. It offers flexibility and convenience of the cloud along with the robust features and functionality you need.

  • Easy App management.
  • No contracts. 
  • Auto-updates.
  • Present in high-level data centers.
  • Support and Assistance 24×7.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.Storage up to 5GB
  • Good volume discounts.
  • Easy Data Migration.


Sagenext Infotech is a trustworthy & reliable commercial hosting provider for QuickBooks on the cloud. It provides great assistance in many taxes and accounting software.

  • High-level security present.
  • Easy Accessibility.
  • Low Ownership Cost. 
  • Multi-user access & Multi-device accessibility.
  • Easy Data Migration.
  • Support and Assistance 24×7.


MyQbHost is one of the best QuickBooks hosting providers. It offers brilliant cloud-hosted Services for different versions of QBs namely QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise at an affordable price.

  • Integrated Backup.
  • It is scalable.
  • High-level security present.
  • Affordable and reasonable pricing.​
  • Used by any business size.


Abacus Core Cloud provides easy Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks from a dynamic cloud application setup. No more need to handle backups and updates.

  • Full & Easy Functionality.
  • Support and Assistance 24×7.
  • Easy Data Migration.
  • A Time Saver.
  • Multi-user access & Multi-device accessibility.


Cloudvara Offers a fully managed, dedicated, reliable, and secure cloud environment. It enables the users to work from any location using any device.

  • Multi-user access & Multi-device accessibility.
  • A Time Saver.
  • High-level security present.
  • Low Ownership & IT Costs
  • Support and Assistance 24×7.
  • Easy Data Migration & Backup.

Wrapping-Up The Services!

This post has been put up with a lot of the latest research and market trends. We got together all the best QuickBooks Cloud Services available at the moment in the market. We hope you have got a detailed outlook of the major service providers. Always been a pleasure to help our users in making the perfect choice. We are quite optimistic that you like our content and the structure of our article. Let us part ways for now. But for any more help or assistance, we are here to bear with your problems. Just remember us and we will be there for you.

QuickBooks Cloud is becoming famous for accounting and data management work but it turns out to be a false fact…

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