How Much Does QuickBooks Cost : Features and Price Overview

Quickbooks Cost

The era of technology is filled with technical aspects that manage your daily chores on their own without much human effort. If we take the assistance of technology to ease our lifestyle then why not in managing a business. Yes! Businesses are often also managed by the newest technology introduced by some software development companies from all around the world to start out a replacement revolution within the business world.

As we all know, accounts and book-keeping are the foremost importance of any business that has got to be managed on a day to day to urge error-free results. But if the entire task of accounting and book-keeping is completed by humans on their own with no help from any management equipment then it’s going to take hours to finish and there’s also an opportunity of human error within the result. To avoid these sorts of errors you’ve got to accumulate some accounting software to manage your day-by-day accounting activity in no time and with no hassle. In such a case, Quickbooks accounting software is a great choice. Quickbooks is the world’s most practiced and renowned software that helps users to manage their business books in a proper way. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the basics of this accounting software and also the cost you have to pay to get this software.  

What is Quickbooks Accounting Software?

quickbooks intuit

Quickbooks is the most famous and versatile accounting software pack developed and marketed by Intuit, an American software company.  Through QuickBooks, any QB user can manage their accounting book from anywhere and anytime due to its cloud-based software. This software single-handed manages all the income and expenses and also tracks the financial health of the business. Additionally, Quickbooks allows the user to manage and pay the bill alongside the customized receipt, accept business payment, function payroll, track business growth, and also set reminders for further payment.

There are many features that Quickbooks users use while maintaining the accounting and book-keeping section.

  • Track the gain and expenses of the business from multiple accounts.
  • Accept Online Payments.
  • Send reminders to shoppers for payments.
  • Track the Mileage of the business and daily transactions.
  • Automatically type transactions into tax classes.
  • Acquire the payment receipt and organize it
  • Customize invoices and send them.
  • Create customize report
  • Run profit and loss statements, balance sheets, etc, and export these reports.
  • Send Estimates with customization.
  • Track money flows and news through Dashboard.
  • Calculate excise and conjointly track sales.
  • Manages 1099 contractors single-handed.
  • Connects the user with their Business bank account
  • Print Cheques.
  • Allow account access to a business controller.
  • Co-opt alternative Quickbooks and third-party tools.
  • Download Quickbooks Mobile App
  • Customer Support for users via telephone or chat

As the above paragraph explains such important points about Quickbooks that elaborate the importance and the features of Quickbooks in a separate way. Now it’s time to explore the section where you get to know the subscription plans of Quickbooks. 

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How Much You Have To Pay For QuickBooks?

qb online

Quickbooks online provide their user four plans to make a decision on from, and each one among them is supported on a monthly subscription basis. It all depends on what setup you decide on and therewith found out, what feature you will get on with? 

1: Simple Start- $25 per month

This setup only supports final invoicing, estimating, expenses following, contact management, restricted news options, and mobile app support which can be used by just one user.

2: Plus Plan- $70 per Month

The ad setup offers multi-user access to its users worldwide that supports 5 users. It’s all the choices of a simple begin subscription however else with them and found out a subscription the user is accessible for time-tracking, project profit following inventory and bill management, and a project hub that allows the user to tie specific labor value, payroll knowledge, and expenses to the happiness project.

3: Plan- $150 per month

The Advance found out additionally supports multi-user access a bit like them and found out however with most of 25 users at a time. With all the and setup options it’s some additional options like; priority client support, online coaching courses, batch commerce talents, advanced news, and role-based user permissions for higher security.

4: Self-used Plan- $15 per month

The freelance setup has some distinctive options than the opposite setup. While setting this up, you can get quarterly tax management.  What’s more? the users can get associate estimates following features in conjunction with 1099 contractors management and sales/sales tax tracking.

These are the core subscription plans for the users however has additionally some Quickbooks payroll offered in 3 plans in conjunction with add-ons:

Payroll Core- $45 per month + $4 per worker per month

The Payroll Premium- $75 per month + $8 per worker per month

Payroll Elite- $125 per month + $10 per worker per month.

You can choose the plan as per your business requirements from the above-explained subscriptions. You can simply go to the official site of Intuit to download the software where you get the option to choose your version and the subscription plans. After downloading the software, simply install it on your system and then open it to manage your day-to-day business activities related to accounting and bookkeeping. 

Final Words!

Hopefully, the above information is relatable to your query and helped you well to understand the cost of the Quickbooks subscription plan. If you have any doubts, contact the Quickbooks experts. They will help you out with their expert advice and assist you with the best suitable plan for your business.

The era of technology is filled with technical aspects that manage your daily chores on their own without much human…

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